Date of Birth: 01.08.93.
Place of birth: Delhi
Style: Orthodox

For the young Rohit, who had fallen out of love with boxing for some time, all it needed was a school bully to help him rediscover his passion. And Rohit never had to look back since that day.

Born in Munirka in Delhi, the young Rohit and his elder brother first fell in love with the sport of boxing by watching boxing films on television and that subsequently prompted their father to admit them to a local club.

At the age of 7-8, Tokas was self-admittedly very casual and decided to give up the sport after learning the basics. It was then that he had to change his school in the sixth standard and in his new school awaited a classmate who was proud of his boxing skills and challenged Rohit to a bout.

Rohit’s pleas that he had given up the sport fell on deaf ears and he was ultimately forced to train for the fight and was eventually knocked out. But that tryst with the sport helped to rekindle his passion and he finally found his calling.


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