Government Compliance 2022




Reference in Sports Code Please indicate the position


Whether confirmation from Registrar of Societies/Registrar of Companies confirming that the body is still registered and is complying with the requirements of the Act under which it is registered has been furnished? Annexure para. 3.1.


Yes. Link attached


Were   any   amendments   made   to   the   Constitution? If yes, have they been furnished to Registrar of Societies/Registrar of Companies?

Have copies thereof been furnished to the MYAS? Are they in compliance with the Sports Code?

Annexure para. 3.2.


Yes. Link attached


Have duly audited books of accounts been uploaded on the website? Is the NSF following the mercantile system of accounting? Annexure para. 3.7 II, Yes. Link attached


Did the NSF intimate the MYAS well in advance about its General Body Meeting and other Meetings where elections of office bearers and  other  important decisions are to  be  taken?  Were  observers  sent  to such meetings permitted to  attend  the  meetings without hindrance? Are  the  reports  of  the  observers on record? Are the reports in order? Annexure II, para. 3.13. Yes. Link attached


Is the NSF still registered with the Annexure II, Yes. Link attached.
International Federation concerned? para. 3.15. federations/asia/


Whether the NSF held a General Body  Meeting  at least once a year, as well as an appropriate meeting for the elections? Annexure II, para. 3.18. Yes. Link attached


Whether any legal action has been taken by the Registrar of Societies or other legal authority? Annexure III, para.1 (iii). No.


Whether sufficient documents have been furnished to demonstrate how  government funds  have  been properly utilized. Annexure III, para.
Yes. Periodic and timely feedback given to SAI/MYAS.


Whether information as required by the Right to Information Act, 2005 and the Sports Code have been published on the website of the NSF? Annexure XV, Annexure XVIII. Yes, Details for composition are as follows:
Mr. Satish Sarhadi
CPIO, Boxing Federation of India,
323, Udyog Vihar Phase – IV,
Tele: +91 124 4370792
E-mail: [email protected]
Mr. Arun Malik
Appellate Authority,
Boxing Federation of India,
323, Udyog Vihar Phase – IV,
Tele: +91 124 4370792
E-mail: [email protected]


If there has been any change in the EC, what is the tenure of all members of the EC? Are they in compliance                   with                                        the                                        tenure guidelines? Annexure II, para. 3.5. No. Each member has four year tenure. Being followed as per the guidelines of NSDC-2011.


Have any of the persons in the EC been elected to any other NSF? Annexure II, para. 3.6. No.


Whether the NSF has included prominent sportspersons of outstanding merit by election in its General Body and the Executive Committee? Annexure II, para. 3.20 and para.
9.3(xii) of the Code.
Yes, however the selection after last election of BFI, Feb 2021is pending, which will be done during the forthcoming Elite National Championships. The same will be updated on the website by 10th Jan, 2023.


Has the NSF held annual National Championships for specified age-groups at the Senior, Junior and Sub- Junior levels for the past year?
Have documents in support of the same been furnished with the Application?
Annexure II, para 3.8 Yes. Link attached


Whether the Long Term Development Plan has been drawn up (as applicable)? If already drawn up, is the Plan being complied  with? Have milestones set herein for the past year been met? Annexure X. Yes.   Being    done    in    conjunction           through MOC Meetings and SAI.

1. Whether Advance Calendar has been drawn up for participation in competitions and training abroad and holding of international events in India?

Annexure XIX. Yes. Link attached

2. Pl indicates changes made to the schedule and venues as published in the advance calendar for the last four years alongwith reasons.

Yes, at times changes have been done due to dynamic schedule of International Tournaments/ Championships. This ensures BFI’s alignment with the IBA schedules.  Such change always have a  prior approval of SAI

3. Whether the Calendar has been furnished to the Government by 5th December? Yes


1. Whether the NSF is conducting coaching camps, selection    of   coaches,                     selection           of                     athletes             etc in Annexure Yes.
accordance with the Guidelines at Annexure XXI? XXI.
2. Whether the Yearly calendar of coaching camp has been drawn up based on the LTDP, and in consonance with the International/National calendar of events latest by 31st of January? Yes.

3. Whether the Yearly calendar was furnished to the Government by 31st of January, and made available on the website?

Yes. Link attached.

4. Whether any venue allocated for a particular coaching camp was changed? If yes, whether it was changed after taking due approval of the competent authority? Yes. Elite Women’s National Boxing Coaching Camp was shifted from Delhi to Patiala in July, 2022 after due approval were taken from SAI. (Reason being AC of IG Stadium going under long maintenance.
5. Whether travel plan and ticketing of every player was informed to each player well in advance of the coaching camp? Yes.
6. Whether the team of coaches, sports scientists, experts were changed before the Asian/Olympic Games are over? If yes, what justification has been furnished therefor? No.
7. Whether any National Coach, Assistant coach or member of coaching team has a tainted record? No.
8. Whether Selection criteria/norms were communicated by NSFs to all concerned including the Government well in advance? Whether the same has Yes.
been put up on the website, and furnished to SAI and Ministry to be put up on their respective websites?
9. Whether minimum qualifying norms have been fixed for measurable events and announced with Selection Trials, and put up on website of NSF concerned and forwarded to SAI and Ministry to be put up on their respective websites? N/A
10. Whether any selection trial  was  announced  less than one month in advance of date of the trials of the competition event? Yes. At times the circumstances have dictated conduct of a Selection trial at less than a month notice, however with prior approval of SAI and with information to all the stake holders
1. 11. Whether any selection trials for any team event were held less than two months in advance? N/A
12. Whether any selection trials for any contact games were held less than one month in advance of the competition event? Yes. At times the circumstances have dictated conduct of a Selection trial at less than a month notice, however with prior approval of SAI and with information to all the stake holders

13. What is the composition of the Selection Committee? Is it in consonance with the directions issued in this regard?

Yes. The composition of the Selection Committee is as follows:
Mr. Ajay Singh, Chairman
Mr. Rajesh Bhandari, Vice President, BFI
Mr. Gopal Devang, Dy. Chairman
Mr. Raj Kumar Sangwan, Arjuna Awardee & Member
Mr. Seera Jayram, Arjuna Awardee & Member
Mr. Manoj Pingale, Arjuna Awardee & Member
Mr. Mukund Killekar, Arjuna Awardee & Member
Mr. V. Devarajan, Arjuna Awardee & Member
Mr. Rajendra Prasad, Arjuna Awardee & Member
Mr. C.C. Machaiah, Arjuna Awardee & Member
Mr. Jai Pal Singh, Arjuna Awardee & Member

14. Whether any athlete not in the  coaching  camp was allowed to participate in the selection  trials? What were the reasons therefor? Were there exceptional cases or with due justification?

Yes.  Sometimes  open  Selection  Trials  need to be conducted due to reasons mentioned below:

  1. Some athletes may be injured in the National Boxing Coaching Camp.
  2. To give a fair chance to athletes, who could not qualified for the National Camp due an injury at the time of
selection, however, became fit later.
c. All of the above being done in consonance with existing policy and norms.
15. Whether any team once finalized for an event was changed? If yes, under what circumstances, and with what justification, and whether the same was duly informed to all concerned? Yes in certain cases due to exigency like injury of boxer etc. the reserve/next rank boxer were sent after obtaining approval from SAI.
16. Whether the NSF has kept performance of each athlete on its website? Is this being updated at least once a month along with rankings as applicable? Yes A New Ranking system is being introduced, which will be updated on monthly basis – NCC commencing from Jan 2023.
17. What is the appeal mechanism in place to ensure proper and timely redressal of athletes’ grievances? Yes.   All   complaints     are    resolved            by    the Dispute and Disciplinary Committee.


Are 2/3rds of the State/UTs of India affiliated (and still              affiliated)                   with            the                            NSF? Are   they                   duly                               registered  entities? Are they active entities/have documents demonstrating activities carried out by them furnished?

Annexure II, para. 3.4.

Yes. Link attached.
Are the State/UT Associations each affiliating and continuing to affiliate at least 50% of the District Associations?
Are they duly registered entities? Are they active entities/have documents demonstrating activities carried out by them furnished?

Annexure II, para 3.10,
para. 3.19.



Whether the NSF has complied with conditions laid down in the Code, including as to anti-doping, prevention of age fraud, citizenship criteria for selection              of                                          National Team, prevention of sexual harassment etc?

Annexure II, para. 3.21.

Yes. NADA is informed regarding conduct of National Championships and Selection Trials well in time. Samples from all athletes’ are taken by NADA.
19 1. Whether measures against age fraud have been taken by the NSF? Annexure XVI dated 25.9.2009. Yes.  Documents being checked are as under

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. If, Passport available
  4. IBA Age Estimation form
  5. Medical Certificate
2. Whether particulars of the identity cards issued have been uploaded on the website? Yes.
Boxer’s detail content/uploads/2020/07/Annexure- 15A.pdf
20 1. Whether measures to prevent sexual harassment of women in sports have been taken by the NSF? Annexure XVI dated 12.8.2010. Yes, presently our Disciplinary and Dispute Commission has taken care of this. However, BFI will constitute a POSH committee soon, notwithstanding, BFI ensures that every women camp and foreign exposures have sufficient count of Women Coaches & Support Staff, accompanying the elite/youth/junior & sub. Junior women’s teams
2. What is the present constitution of the Complaints Committee? Yes.