13th South Asian Games at Kathmandu & Pokhara, Nepal from 01-10 December, 2019

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Indian boxers stamped their authority at the 13th South Asian Games held in Pokhara, Nepal where they registered a rich haul of 16 medals out of which 12 were gold in a campaign to remember.

Vikas Krishan (69kg) led the charge for gold with Pinky Rani (51kg), Manju Bamboria (64kg) and Sonia Lather (57kg) being among the gold medal winners. Manish Kaushik (64kg) settled for the silver along with Varinder Singh (60kg) and Shiksha (54kg) while Sachin Kumar (81kg) got the bronze.

Elite Men’s Team

S.No Wt Category Name State
1 49 Kgs. Vinod Tanwar SSCB
2 52 Kgs. Sparsh Kumar PUN
3 56 Kgs. Sachin RSPB
4 60 Kgs. Varinder Singh RSPB
5 64 Kgs. Manish Kaushik SSCB
6 69 Kgs. Krishan Vikas AIP
7 75 Kgs. Ankit Khatana HAR
8 81 Kgs. Sachin Kumar SSCB
9 91 Kgs. Gaurav Chauhan SSCB
10 +91 Kgs. Narender SSCB
11 Head Coach Kuttappa Chenanda Achaiah SSCB
12 Coach Mohit Sharma AIP
13 Physio Mohsin Khan DEL
14 Masseur Vijay Kamboj SAI

Elite Women’s Team

S.No Weight Category Name
1 48 Kgs. Kalaivani Srinivasan
2 51 Kgs. Pinki Rani
3 54 Kgs. Shiksha
4 57 Kgs. Sonia Lather
5 60 Kgs. Parveen
6 64 Kgs. Manju Bamboriya
7 Coach Mahavir Singh
8 Coach Bharti Thakur
9 Physio Aayush Chittaranjan Yekhande
10 Masseur Neelam


S.No. Wt. Category Name Medals
 1  49kgs  Vinod Tanwar Gold
 2 52kgs  Sparsh Kumar Gold
 3 56kgs  Sachin Gold
 4 60kgs Varinder singh Silver
 5 64kgs  Manish Kaushik Silver
 6 69kgs  Vikas Krishan Gold
 7 75kgs  Ankit Khatana Gold
 8 81kgs  Sachin Kumar Bronze
 9 91kgs  Gaurav Chauhan Gold
 10 +91kgs  Narender Gold
 11 48kgs Kalaivani Gold
 12 51kgs Pinky Rani Gold
 13 54 Kgs.  Shiksha Silver
 14 57kgs  Sonia Lather Gold
 15 60kgs Parveen Gold
16 64kgs Manju Bamboria Gold

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