Nivedita (50kg)

Nivedita started boxing after developing a deep interest in this sport since childhood. She started playing it while she was in school and keeps training with a goal to win gold in Olympics and to touch new heights in boxing. 2019 was a breakout year for the young Uttarakhand pugilist where she truly underlined her ambition with a host of gold medals at the state and national level before continuing her success at the Golden Girl Championship the next year.



  1. Sub Junior Women’s State Championship, Haridwar 2019 – Gold
  2. Junior Women’s State Championship 2019, Pithoragarh – Gold
  3. State Championship 2019, Nainital – Gold
  4. 1st Sub Junior Women’s National Boxing Championship 2019, Nagpur – Gold
  5. 3rd Junior Women’s National Boxing Championship 2019, Rohtak – Bronze


The Golden Girl Championship 2020 – Gold