Mary Kom joins BFI’s interactive session…

Mary Kom joins BFI’s interactive session to bust myths regarding injuries

Continuing the effort to enlighten boxers, coaches, and officials during the lockdown as the world battles the COVID-19 pandemic by staying at home, the Boxing Federation of India (BFI) on Tuesday conducted an interactive Boxing Education program that busted the myths regarding injuries. Six-time world champion Mary Kom joined Dr. Karanjeet Singh, Team Physician, Elite Men Boxing Team, Dr. Amol Patil, Team Physician, Elite Women Boxing Team, Dr. Aayush Yekhande (PT) and Dr. Shikha Kedia (PT), Team Physiotherapists, Elite Women Boxing Team in a special address that was watched by close to 300 participants.


In an attempt to boost youngsters, the London Olympic bronze medallist shared her personal experiences of her growing up years and explained how she lacked the awareness or the facilities for the best exercises and their benefits, something that every boxer must know. “I started getting exposed to the team of physios and doctors and interacting with them helped me understand the importance of being aware of the body. How doing exercises can prevent so many injuries and surgery is not always the only answer, I understood much later,” said the legend.

The session was intended to give an opportunity to the young boxers to understand the difference between myth and reality and help them avoid making mistakes. The doctors and physiotherapists spoke extensively on some of the most common beliefs – “I am already flexible, so no need to stretch”, “training with weights will aggravate my injuries”, “taping will protect me from injuries” to name a few.

While the experts busted the myths, the champion pugilist shared a recent story where she had picked up a back injury and when consistent pain started bothering her, she had to undergo extensive physio sessions to overcome it. While citing that example, Mary Kom urged the participants to realize how exercise is the best medicine and physio’s advice is the best solution.

Through this interactive session that was aimed at clearing some of the basic misconceptions, BFI hopes that young boxers will now understand their bodies more than ever and handle decisions regarding injuries better to have a successful career.