Boxing to get 150 centres of excellence sanctioned by Government of India

Boxing has been one of the most successful sports in the last few years for India with numerous laurels and achievements to show for. The establishment of the Boxing Federation of India (BFI) in 2016 brought a new dawn for the sport and completely rejigged the existing structure, making it systematic and robust.

It has led to a huge influx of talent thanks to which India’s future in the sport indeed looks bright.

It has prompted the Government of India to dedicate 150 out of its sanctioned 1000 Centres of Excellence to boxing that will nurture and groom more talents and mould them into champions of tomorrow. This recognition is a validation for all the relentless efforts by BFI to take Indian boxing to greater heights in the last four years.

With the ASBC Asian Boxing Championships too being awarded to India, the sport has got a major fillip, as emphasized by BFI President Ajay Singh at a special general meeting held recently.