BFI enlightens boxers on strength …

Every athlete differs in their need to exercise and it is extremely important to know which exercises would work the best for each. In the highly enriching class organized by the Boxing Federation of India (BFI) in association with the Sports Authority of India (SAI), Leandi van Zyl, Head – Sport Science of Reliance Foundation, took the initiative to clear the concept of strength and conditioning programs of boxers.

strength and conditioning


Any program should be designed in such a way that it produces a stronger and more robust boxer. It can only be done perfectly in seven steps – analysis, exercise selection, training frequency, exercise order, training loads and repetitions, training volume and rest.

training frequency


It is crucial to note the age and goals of the boxer before the program can be made as much as it is important to track if the boxer can cope with the difficulty in the training. Ms. Van Zyl also charted exercise order, training frequency, training volume apart from detailing conditioning with illustrations which would be helpful for coaches and physical trainers to understand a boxer’s needs.