BFI conducts interactive session on…

BFI conducts interactive session on prevention of common injuries in boxing

Avoiding injuries is one of the best ways to have a lengthy and successful career in boxing and the Boxing Federation of India (BFI) on Monday gave special emphasis on it to enlighten boxers on how to avoid getting injured. In a highly enriching and interesting class that was a hit with all the participants, Indian Elite Women Team Physiotherapist, Shikha Kedia explained to boxers on how to strengthen the core muscles in order to prevent injuries in training as well as in a bout.

Prevention of common injuries in boxing

Kedia also talked about the accidental injuries that can arise as a result of training or due to lapse in focus during a bout and gave tips on the ways in which boxers can avoid them. The visually demonstrative session also gave the pugilists a detailed guide on the exercises to strengthen their muscles that will take Indian boxers a long way in being alert and keep injuries at bay.

Exercises to avoid injuries in boxing