Arundhati Choudhary

Arundhati Choudhary (69kg)

A three-time gold medallist at the Khelo India Games, Arundhati Choudhary has been on a roll ever since she finished on the top podium at the 2017 Junior National Boxing Championship. Her concentration and passion for her sport took her to instant fame even in the international circuit, getting her three gold medals at the 2017 Valeria Demyanova International Tournament, 2018 National Cup Serbia and 2018 Junior Nations Cup, Varbas Serbia. Choudhary’s exploits caught the eye of boxing fans all over the world and she was voted as the Best Asian Junior Women Boxer in 2018.

In 2019, Choudhary went a step further to grab the bronze medal at the ASBC Youth Asian Men & Women Championship for one of the biggest accomplishments of her young career.


  • 1st Junior National Boxing Championship, Haryana, 2017 (60 kg)-Gold
  • 2nd Junior National Men & Women Boxing Championship, Mohali, 2018 (70kg) -Silver
  • 1st Khelo India School Games, Delhi, 2018 (60 kg)-Gold
  • 2nd Khelo India Games, Pune, 2019-Gold
  • Khelo India Guwahati 2020 (69Kg)-Gold
  • Valeria Demyanova International Tournament in 2017 (60 kg)-Gold
  • 7th National Cup Serbia, 2018, (60 kg)-Gold
  • 2nd Junior Nations Cup, Vrbas, Serbia in 2018 (66 kg)-Gold
  • Boxem International Youth Tournament Murcia, Spain in 2019 (69kg)-Silver
  • Golden Gloves, Serbia, Subotica in 2019 (69kg)-Participated
  • ASBC Youth Asian Men & Women Championship Mongolia in 2019 (69kg)-Bronze