Jyoti, 51 kg. Rohtak, Haryana


AIBA Youth Women’s World Championship, Gold (51kg)
31st International Ahmet Comert Boxing Tournament, Istanbul-Silver
6th Golden Glove women’s Boxing Tournament, Serbia- Gold
National Games, 2013-Silver
Typically, Jyoti’s parents were against the notion of her becoming a boxer. But her village sarpanch showed exemplary vision and courage, and even helped with her initial training and practice.
Jyoti, of course, had to lie to her parents to make that happen. She used to sneak out on one pretext or another and don her boxing gloves. One thing led to another and she was seen competing in tournaments in Rohtak.
It helped that just around that time, one of her neighbours’ sons had won a gold medal in a local competition. She was filled with envy and desire and it proved to be a turning point in her life. She decided to not only take up boxing as a career option but also set herself the goal of making it big in sport.
Jyoti soon began to win local championships. Her conservative farmer parents were still unaware of their daughter’s prowess or progress though. It was in 2012 when she was selected to participate in the State Championship that she had to out her secret.
Her parents were expectedly very unhappy. But she still went and won the tournament. A new chapter in Jyoti’s life had begun.
A Mary Kom fan, her fan moment was fulfilled when she met and trained along with the champion boxer at the IG Stadium in Delhi. Jyoti loves to dance and that’s what she did at the AIBA Youth Women’s World Championships: danced to the title. Jyoti was at her imperious best and she steamrolled past her way to the top of the podium in the 51kg competition. The win is not only the biggest win of her career till now but it also helped her seal a spot in the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games.


Ankushita Boro – 64kg (Guwahati)


AIBA Youth Women’s World Championship, Gold (64kg)
Balkan Youth International Boxing Championship, Bulgaria-Silver
31st International Ahmet Comert Boxing Tournament, Istanbul-Silver
National Championship (2017) – BRONZE

Seventeen-year-old Ankushita Boro is one of the brightest upcoming talents from the North East. She announced her arrival by winning back to back silver medals in two Youth International Championships recently.
A seemingly shy teenager, she transforms into a ferocious fighter in the ring, not afraid of packing a punch.
Ankushita got hooked to boxing by chance though. She hails from a humble background in Thelamara, near Tezpur, Assam. Her father is a teacher by profession but doesn’t get paid for his efforts! Her mother helps out in social welfare work and bears the responsibility of the family with financial aid from her own parents.
Her elder brother, who plays volleyball, inspired her to take up sport. She took up the sport in 2013, at the age of 12, when a friend asked her to come and compete in a local tournament. She did, and did very well too. There has been no looking back since then.
The fighting spirit that life inculcated into her has pushed her to her limits that eventually yielded a bronze medal at the national championships early this year. She went on an international trip for the first time after that, to an exposure trip to Istanbul, and she came back with a silver medal.
She knows that the road ahead will be tough, that the World Youth Championship later this year will be her first big test. But she is confident. The sparring sessions, the rigorous training camps and the foreign exposures, have toughened her.
This teenager from Assam is ready to spread her wings and win laurels for not only herself but for the country. At the same time, she is encouraging young girls in her State, including her own little sister, to take to boxing.
Ankushita is currently a student of Dakshin Junior College in Guwahati and a poster girl for the World Championship, Ankushita completed her Campaign on a high as she finished the Championship as the best boxer of the tournament. Life has changed since for this girl from Assam as she aims to win a gold in Olympics for India.


Sakshi, (54 KG) Dhanana, Bhiwani (Haryana)


AIBA Youth Women’s World Championship, Gold (54kg)
Balkan Youth International Boxing Championship, Bulgaria-Gold
Junior World Championship, Turkey, 2015-Gold

This Bhiwani girl caught the attention of the boxing fraternity when she beat US National Champion Yarisel Ramirez in the finals of the AIBA Junior Women’s World Championships in 2015, in Taipei.
A national champion in her weight category this boxer, is in top shape now, having won the gold at the Balkan Open in Bulgaria last month. She also has a bronze and a silver medal from exposure tournaments in Serbia earlier this year.
She was trained in her formative years by Jagdish Singh at the Bhiwani Boxing Academy. While she bagged the fourth gold for India at the prestigious World Championship in Guwahati. She believes that Indian boxing is ready for a breakthrough, that she and many of her friends will surpass expectations.


Shashi Chopra, 57 kg. Hisar, Haryana


AIBA Youth Women’s World Championship, Gold (57kg)

Balkan Youth International Boxing Championship, Bulgaria-Gold
31st International Ahmet Comert Boxing Tournament, Istanbul-Silver
National Championship, New Delhi, 2016-Gold

Hisar-born Shashi got into sports at a tender age. Her parents wanted her to take up wrestling, though, just to be physically fit. She gave it a shot for a year before the boxing bug got to her.
Coming from a Fauji family background, she didn’t have to fight past the usual hurdles to make it in a man’s world. Her dreams got fired up when she first saw her idol, Olympic bronze medallist in badminton SainaNehwal.
The 2010 Commonwealth Games that saw Nehwal take the gold and the 2011 Youth Commonwealth Games in which another state-mate Rahul Poonia clinched the silver acted as further catalysts.
Her growth has been slow but steady, with the current year promising to be a game-changer. She has already won a gold and a silver in her last two international outings in Bulgaria and Istanbul.
Shashi wants to win the big medal to silence all those who take digs at her parents each time she has failed to bring in the desired results and surely the results in Guwahati has changed the way this boxer is judged by her peers. Gold in the 57kg category and clinical performance by this feisty boxer has not gone unnoticed as she gets prepared for the next challenges.


Neetu, 48 kg. Dhanana, Bhiwani, Haryana


AIBA Youth Women’s World Championship-Gold in 48kg
Balkan Youth International Boxing Championship, Bulgaria-Gold
All India SAI Tournament- Gold
National Championship 2016- Bronze

Neetu, fresh from her gold medal exploits at the recently-concluded Balkan Championship in Bulgaria, win a medal at the AIBA Youth Women’s World Championships for her father was her biggest dream. She wants it to be a gift to a man who sacrificed his job to make her a boxer.
Coming from a conservative family, there was absolutely no way she could have entered the world of sports. But her father had other plans: he wanted her to become a boxer. He, however, had to go against the wishes of his entire family to make that happen; he also had to take leave from his office (a Chandigarh Vidhan Sabha employee) for three long years.
It meant that the family went through a severe financial crisis. Luckily, that only prompted Neetu to put her heart and soul into boxing and emerge a winner. She slowly rose through the ranks at the district level until she caught the eye of renowned boxing coach Jagdish Singh, the tough taskmaster who helped Vijender Singh win the Beijing Olympic bronze medal.
Neetu’s skills and techniques were quickly honed. She went on to represent the State and won her first Nationals in 2015. She is now ready for the big stage and made it her own in Guwahati with a gutsy show as she cruised her way to the podium winning India the first gold in the World Championship. A debt has indeed been repaid to her father!


Neha Yadav +81Kg


AIBA Youth Women’s World Championship, Bronze (+81kg)
Balkan Youth International Boxing Championship, Bulgaria-Gold
6th Golden Glove women’s Boxing Tournament, 2017-Bronze

Meet India’s woman heavyweight boxer Neha Yadav who is out to prove a point.The first year Bachelor of Arts student from the RK SD College, Kaithel, Haryana, is a big fan of two of India’s proudest daughters who have established themselves in the world of boxing and athletics in no uncertain terms – Olympians MC MaryKom and discus thrower Seema Poonia.
She comes from the stable of coachRajender Singh who shaped the career of one of the nation’s champion boxer and 2010 Commonwealth Games gold medallistManoj Kumar.
However, cut her teeth in boxing under the tutelage of Gurmeet Singh and VikramDhull. It was more by accident than design that Neha got into boxing. It was just a physical activity in the initial years till the boxing bug got to her.
Coming from a farmer’s family background, putting in hard work was second nature to Neha. But it was total backing from her father Rajpal,that pursued the sport with single-minded devotion. She has excelled under coach Rajender and has achieved loads of accolades in her fledgling two-and-a-half-year career.
Neha participated in a training camp-cum-tournament in Shymkent, Khazakstan this year before picking bronze in the 6th Golden Gloves Boxing tournament in Vojvdina, Serbia. But her crowning glory came in Balkan Youth International Women’s Boxing Tournament in Bulgaria where she outfoxed her final opponent JuhaszAdrienn from Hungary who was far heavier than her.
Neha now aspires to be the best in the business in the heavyweight as she finished the World Championship campaign with a bronze medal for India.


Anupama, (Palwal Haryana) 81Kg


AIBA Youth Women’s World Championship, Bronze (81kg)
Balkan Youth International Boxing Championship, Bulgaria, 2017-Bronze
Golden Gloves, Serbia, 2017 – Silver

Contact sports, it is said, are the best medicine used to treat anger management. Young Haryana girl Anupama took to boxing to channelise her aggression. Not that punching was her first love. It was wrestling that first caught her eye before the roped square beckoned.
Criticism and sarcastic barbs thrown at her by the village folks were no deterrent as this young pugilist but it only made her determined to pursue the sport with stronger fervor, thanks to the complete backing of her family, especially her father who is a private sector employee.
Anupama has four siblings, a brother and three sisters, one of who, only recently, decided to follow in her sister’s footsteps.
Many questioned the family about the safety of this tough young girl who travelled all the way by train to Faridabad, a long distance from her place of residence, for her training sessions but there was no stopping her. Coached by Rajeev Godara and Olympian Jai Bhagwan , the young pugilist has shown that there is no substitute for dedication and hard work if you are to achieve your goals.
Four national golds and two international medals, a silver won at the Golden Gloves tournament in Serbia and a bronze in the Balkan tournament in Bulgaria, both coming in the present calendar year, 2017, goes to prove that Anupama is well on course to achieving her dream targets.
A major fan of Olympian turned professional boxer and Indian boxing poster boy Vijender Singh, Anupama dreams of representing the country at the Olympics as she finished her campaign with a bronze medal and a podium finish and a medal in the 81kg for the first time for India.

Vanlalhriatpuii- 60 kgs (Mizoram)


National Championship – GOLD

Tall and lanky, Vanlalhriatpuii will be keenly watched during the upcoming AIBA World Youth Women Boxing Championship in Guwahati later this month.
Like some of the fascinating stories from the North-East, Puii as her friends call her didn’t venture into boxing to win glory or medals; she took it up purely to ensure herself two square meals.
The Mizo girl comes from a necessitous background, with her father working as a driver and her mother, a homemaker. She is the youngest of four siblings and life has never been smooth for any of them.
She went for the local boxing trials in early 2014 and immediately impressed the local scouts. She got selected to be mentored by Mizoram Boxing Association and Sports Authority of Mizoram.
Since then, Puii has been knocking down almost every opponent under the able guidance of the Mizoram Boxing Association (MIZBA). They provided her with the right training facilities and coaching while she went the extra yard to hone her skills.
Soon, she became the School Games Champion and a gold at the National Championship opened the doors further, earning her a berth in the National Youth team earlier this year. She has already impressed the coaching staff with her skills and has beaten top boxers and compatriots, even internationally, during recent exposure trips.
Her goal: a shot at the Olympics. She believes she can win a gold there too.

Niharika Gonella-75kg (Hyderabad)


AIBA Junior Women World Boxing Championship held in Taipei (2015) – SILVER
5th Nations Cup (2015) held in Serbia – SILVER

Every athlete dreams of shining on the international stage. Hyderabad’s Niharika Gonella too grew up with that dream. Unlike others, though, she worked towards it and make it come true in 2015, when she won a silver at the AIBA Women’s Junior and Youth Boxing Championships in Taipei.
Now, she is aiming for the bigger one: the World Youth Boxing Championships. What’s more, Niharika is positive of a medal winning performance too, right in front of her own countrymen.
Daughter of a former national-level handball player and a current police officer, boxing kind of runs in her blood. The 17-year-old’s elder sister Naganika is an established boxer herself and, together, the girls are breaking barriers and heroes in their community and locality, if not the city itself.
Interestingly, Niharika has been in the sport for only four years now. But she is in it for the long haul. A Usain Bolt fan, she showed her class in Istanbul recently, when she won a silver medal.