Government Compliance


Sr. No. Government Requirement Action taken by Boxing Federation of India
(i) Affiliation criteria of State/UT/Clubs/units along with details of voting rights of each unit. Section B (ii) of the Constitution of BFI is on the website of BFI under the Main Menu ‘About Us’ contains this information.
(ii) Address, contact details, tenure (specify date) of office bearers Election of office bearers of BFI was held on 25th September, 2016.  As per the Constitution of BFI, their tenure of 4 years will be completed on 24th September, 2020. Details of Office Bearers of BFI are mentioned below in the Main Menu -> About Us -> Contact Particulars of EC Members->(Click here)
(iii) List of core probables and the basis of their selection During the course of National Championships, the boxers are ranked.  The core probables comprise of the Gold and Silver Medalists of National Championships in each weight category and four more boxers having ranks of 3to 6.  These 6 comprise of the core probables and in addition to that the National Selection Committee also recommends prominent boxers, who have shown better results in international events in the past.  Thus, in a coaching camp, initially there is a strength of about 60.  This is further pruned to about 40.  While so doing, the Gold and Silver medalists are included in the select group and trials are held amongst the boxers holding rank from 3 to 6 to select 2 of them.   These trials are done as per competition norms on a real-time basis. These boxers join the coaching camp for rigorous training.  Before a team is sent for International Championship/Tournament or Foreign Exposure programmes, a trial is organised in the coaching camp again on the norms of competitions and the Selection Committee, constituted on the basis of guidelines of the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Department of Sports, decides the boxer in each category to participate in such events. A view is also taken as to which boxer will be sent to different foreign exposure programmes. This is an objective time tested and scientific method.

The results/minutes of the Selection Committees are available under the Main Menu -> National Camps -> Selection Trials->(Click here).

(iv) List of I Cards issued to National Athletes with name, I-Card and validity. Process of preparation of I Cards and issuance is on.  This will be updated from time to time.
(v) Details of certificates issued by the NSFs to the participants along with details Details may be seen in the Main Menu -> Championship.  In the National Championships certificates are issued by the BFI.  In the International Championship/Tournaments, certificates are issued by the organisers.
(vi) Notifying/updating present Selection Committee for National Athletes The Selection Committee comprise of the following:

Chairman:                    President, BFI
Dy. Chairman:
1. Chairman, Selection Commission, BFI
2. Chief National Coach

Elite M/W                    1. Arjuna Awardee
2. Arjuna Awardee
3. Head Coach

Youth M/W                  1. Arjuna Awardee
2. Arjuna Awardee
3. Head Coach

Jr M/W                          1. Arjuna Awardee
2. Arjuna Awardee
3. Head Coach

Sub Jr M/W                  1. Arjuna Awardee
2. Arjuna Awardee
3. Head Coach

(vii) Revenue generated by NSF of its own as upto 31.3.2017 By donation from Spicejet Ltd.
Rs.93,96,863/-Unsecured interest free loan from Spicejet Ltd.
(viii) Break-up of the above Prior to 25.9.2016: Rs.35,00,000/-
After 25.9.2016: Rs.58,96,863/-
Unsecured interest free loan:
(ix) Action taken by NSFs for prevention of age frauds This is basically applicable only in case of Youth and Junior Boxers.  BFI insists on the Birth Certificate issued by the local administration, Board Certificates in case of those who are matriculates and it is tallied with the aadhar card(wherever applicable) and passports.
(x) Date on which the website was last updated. Updating website is a continuous process.  The date of last updating of the website is displayed at the bottom of website.
(xi) Details of last 3 years annual audited accounts BFI was formed only in 2016.  The audited accounts for the year ended 31.3.2017 may kindly be seen under the Main Menu -> About Us ->Other documents->Audited Accounts-2016-17->(Click here).
(xii) Copy of the MOA of the NSF MOA and Constitution of BFI is there under ‘About Us’ in Main Menu.
(xiii) Date of last Election along with details of Electoral College. Last election was held on 25th September, 2016 for a tenure of 4 years as per the provisions of the Constitution. The Electoral College is defined in B(ii) of the Constitution.