Secretary General


Jay Kowli, Secretary-General, BFI


Welcome to the planet of Indian Boxing family . . .

The Boxing Federation of India – the new national federation is formed to govern the Olympic sport of Boxing in India. Entire Indian Boxing community came together to assist and support this foundation as we immediately kick-started almost of all our stalled activities in a bit of hurry. Lot has been achieved and lot is yet to be achieved no doubts – but with a vision to make India one of the top Boxing nations in the world, we will continuously strive to improve our standards on all fronts possible.

We are working around the clock to provide our Boxers, Coaches, TO’s, RJ’s, and Member Units all the opportunities to hone and showcase their skills. We also aim to offer a just & fair management that will mushroom grassroots level activity at all 8 zones equally. This will indeed go into making India a nation with throbbing Boxing activity all over!

On a personal front, I thank all my advisors, guides and colleagues who supported us in all our efforts to take forward the flowing legacy of Indian Boxing during our difficult times. We will continue working on our promise of leaving a legacy of formidable work contributed….

Jay Hind, Jay Boxing!

Jay Kowli
Secretary General
Boxing Federation of India BFI